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Kingdom Hearts: Guardians of Destiny

Chapter 12: Land of the Beastmen

"WHAT?! You gotta be kidding me!" Bobby exclaimed.

"I'm not. I've never had Sea-Salt Ice Cream." Noel told him as the two were sitting on the couch as our heroes continued through the Lanes Between. "It doesn't exist in my time."

"That's insane! We need to get him some Sea-Salt Ice Cream stat!" Shea said as he ran for the freezer and pulled out a box of Sea-Salt Ice Cream.

"I've tried that ice cream and it tastes nasty." Mystery informed the gang as he received ominous glares from Roxas, Lea, Xion, Sora, and Shea. "What?"

"How can you NOT like Sea-Salt Ice Cream?!" Roxas exclaimed.

"I'm serious. I mean it's just sea salt mixed with ice cream, and come on who came up with the crazy idea for it anyway?!"

"I don't even know you anymore." Sora sternly said as he continued to pilot the gummi ship.

"Hey lay off Mystery guys. If he doesn't like it, he doesn't like it we can't make him change his mind." Bobby told everyone.

" much longer until we reach the next world?!" Natsu groaned as he was laying on the floor looking ill.

"What's up with Natsu?" Zack asked.

"Because Natsu is a Dragon Slayer, he succumbs to Motion Sickness very easily. It's something that can't be avoided." Erza replied.

"Well we're just about at our next world so Natsu doesn't have to worry too much." Mickey informed everyone. "The computer says its 'Land of the Beastmen'."

Bobby's head quickly jerked up when he heard the world's name being mentioned.

"Something wrong?" Serah asked.

Bobby looked at Serah and then hanged his head as he stared at the floor.

"I know that look. I can only assume that something bad happened in that world the first time you were there, right?" Terra asked.

"Yes. My friend Kamina died when I helped him and his troops capture a mobile fortress. Our group was small and outnumbered by the enemies. During the battle, Kamina sustained too many wounds and he...died. Simon was enraged. Although we had succeeded in getting the fortress, we had lost a valuable leader but Simon had lost a brother." Bobby began to explain.

"Whoa. Was Kamina Simon's...?" Mystery started to ask.

"No they weren't real brothers, but their friendship was strong enough to have that brotherly bond. To continue, things got hard for all of us, especially for me and Simon. I couldn't handle being there anymore so I said my goodbyes and left."

"I'm sorry for what happened Bobby.." Tidus said.

"Thanks. Alright guys, let's head down there and I'll tell you guys more about the world."

The gang had set foot on the world's surface, which looked like a barren wasteland. They were walking through the soil as Bobby explained to the gang the world's history.

"So to sum up what you've told us, Team Gurren are planning on defeating this Spiral King guy and end the war between the humans and the Beastmen?" Lightning asked.

"Pretty much yeah, hopefully the others are doing fine, especially Simon." Bobby replied.

"Hey guys, I think I see something off in the distance." Rush told the gang as he pointed to a figure far off into the distance.

"I can't tell what it is. Anyone think we should get closer to find out?" Riku suggested.

The gang nodded as they all flew off towards the figure. Once they were close enough, they saw that it was a moving fortress, literally moving on two legs as it walked through the terrain. The color of it was mostly red with some gold and grey mixed in to other parts of the fortress. There was also a white flag with a unique of what looked like a red flame with black sunglasses.

"What the hell is this?!" Vegeta exclaimed as the gang was flying slowly close to it.

"This is the Dai-Gurren, headquarters and mobile home of Team Dai-Gurren." Bobby told him.

Dai-Gurren suddenly stopped moving, so the gang did the same as they set foot back on the ground.

"Why'd they stop?" Sora wondered as then a gunshot rang out as Sora quickly jumped back as a bullet had landed right near his feet. "Hey! What's the deal?!"

Everyone looked up to see what looked like a woman holding a rifle up above them, someone Bobby knew.

"Hey Yoko! No need to shoot it's just me and my friends!" Bobby called out to the woman.

"Sorry! Thought you guys were Beastmen!" She replied. "Come on up!"

"Who was that?" Aqua asked.

"Yoko Littner, the team's expert woman." Bobby explained. "Follow me guys!"

And with that the gang followed as they were now on the Dai-Gurren's loading dock. At that moment, a woman wearing a flame red bra and black, leather spandex type bottoms with a skull accessory on her head and two small needles as hairpins ran up to them. Some of the guys in the group were surprised by her choice of clothing.

"Is that all she has on?" Ben whispered to Jim.

"I think so. Weird." Jim replied.

"Hey! Sorry again about earlier." Yoko said as she approached the gang. "Nice to see you again Bobby."

"Same here. How's everything?"

"Great, the team's working really hard to keep things going."

"And Simon?" Bobby then asked.

"He's actually gotten a lot better after you left. Simon's kind of like Kamina now."

"That's good to hear, I just hope he isn't still made at me for the way I was to him..."


"Simon you can't keep acting like this! You gotta start sucking it up!" exclaimed Kittan Bachika, one of the members of Team Dai-Gurren.

Simon just ignored Kittan as he continued to lean on one of the walls and had his head down.

"Dammit! Answer me!"

"That's enough Kittan!" Yoko told him.

"Yoko's right, yelling at Simon isn't gonna work!" Bobby added.

"Alright then FINE! Then you try and make the kid stop acting all depressed." Kittan said as he stormed off.

"Simon?" Yoko spoke.

Simon briefly lifted his head, revealing his bitter face and soul-less eyes and then hung his head down again. Yoko tried to reach her hand out to him but he quickly slapped it away, shocking both Yoko and Bobby.

"Simon..." Yoko said in disbelief.

"What the hell Simon! She was just try to comfort you and you swatted her away like a fly!" Bobby exclaimed.

"I don't need your pity...." Simon coldly said, causing Yoko to gasp and Bobby's eyes to grow wide.

"Are you serious?! We're your friends and you're just telling us you don't want to us to help you?! What's wrong with you?!" Bobby shouted to Simon, who only ignored him. "Well? Are you gonna say something?!"

There was no answer.

"You know what? Fine! I'm leaving! I've tried to help you Simon but it seems like you don't want it." Bobby told Simon.

"Oh so you're abandoning us?" Simon harshly said. "Like you abandoned Big Bro?"

"You know I was caught up in fighting the other Beastmen to stop Thymilph from killing Kamina!"

"We all know it wasn't your fault, it wasn't anyone's fault for what happened to Kamina." Yoko spoke again.

"Tch. No wonder why his friends are gone, he abandoned them just like he did Big Bro!" Simon exclaimed.

" can you say that?!" Yoko shouted.

"How. FUCKING. DARE YOU!" Bobby yelled as he ran towards Simon, grabbed him by his collar and slammed him into the wall. "HOW DARE YOU EVEN SAY THAT ABOUT MY FRIENDS! I TRIED EVERYTHING TO SAVE THEM FROM XEHANORT AND VANITAS! HOW DARE YOU INSULT THEM LIKE THAT!!"

Hearing Bobby's shouting, some of the members of the team rushed into hallway where he was, including Kittan. Still enraged, Bobby brought back his left arm, with his hand balled into a fist.

"Bobby don't!" Yoko exclaimed as Bobby threw his fist at Simon, shocking Team Dai-Gurren.

However he only punched the wall close to Simon's head as he didn't even flinch from it as he continued to stare at Bobby with his same soul-less look. Bobby slowly brought lowered his left arm and let go of Simon and just quickly walked off, leaving everyone but Simon to stare at him with sadness.

"He did go too far..." Kittan solemnly said.

Out on the deck, Bobby summoned his Keyblade and was just about to activated his Armor Pauldron when Yoko ran up to him.

"Bobby! Wait!" She called to him.

"What?" He replied as he turned to face Yoko.

"Listen, you know Simon didn't mean by what he said. It's just that Kamina's death affected him the most and it's going to take some time from him to recover..." She explained.

"I know. It's just that I get emotional when someone insults my friends like that..." Bobby told her. "Look, it's probably best for now that I leave to continue my search. I don't know when I'll be back but promise me you guys will take care of each other."

"We will. Just stay safe." Yoko said.

Bobby gave her a friendly smile and activated his Armor Pauldron and Keyblade Glider and dashed off into the sky, opening up a portal for him as he was now gone.

~Present Time~

"I remember how you two were, but that was in the past. As a matter of fact, Simon's been pretty occupied with Nia lately." Yoko pointed out.

"Really? Guess I'll just have to see for herself." Bobby chuckled.

"Wait, who's Nia?" Gray asked.

"Nia's the newest member of Team Dai-Gurren, and also the Spiral King's daughter."

"HUH?!" The gang exclaimed.

"The Spiral King's daughter?! But why's she with you guys?" Sora asked Yoko.

"She was thrown out like trash by her father..." Bobby answered.

"How could anyone be so cold to just throw away their flesh and blood like that?" David said in disbelief.

"We all thought the same thing. The worst part of it? The reason she was disowned and thrown out is because she asked her father why she was born." Yoko added.

"Seriously?! Okay now I want to beat the shit out of this guy! Where is he?! Let me at him!" Mystery shouted.

"Easy dude!" Shea told him.

"Anyways, Yoko I'd like to introduce you to my friends." Bobby then said.

Soon afterwards, Yoko was introduced to the group as they were all inside the Dai-Gurren.

"All that we're doing right now is going from world to world, seal their Keyholes, and we might also find a new Keybearer as well, and let me tell you it's not been easy for us." Bobby told Yoko as the gang was checking out all the Gunmen that were being worked on.

"I see. I can assume our fight with the Beastmen is nothing for you guys." Yoko said.

At that moment, Simon had walked in with a young girl. Simon had dark blue hair and black eyes, and had on a simple blue jacket with red stripes along the shoulders and sleeves, as well as reddish-brown shorts, white socks, and brown boot-like shoes. He also had on digging goggles on his head and a small drill around his neck. The girl next to him had short light-blue/pale blonde hair. Her blue eyes were unique because the pupils were pink crosses. Her outfit was pink that included a skirt and also had a gold neckpiece with a red tie hanging from it.

"'re back." The girl spoke.

"Hi Nia, it's been awhile. Your hair looks nice short." Bobby replied.

"Thank you."

It was quiet for Simon and Bobby as they briefly stared at each other and then looked away, feeling ashamed for how they acted towards each other before.

"Bobby, I want to apologize for what I said to you..." Simon began, "I shouldn't have insulted your friends. I was just so deep in my own sorrow that I took it out on everyone."

"I forgive you Simon, and I'm sorry for almost hurting you. I just get upset when Terra, Ven, and Aqua are sullied like that. By the way, I managed to find them this time, and I brought some more friends along too."

"Really? I can't wait to meet them!"

"Same for me."

"Hey Terra! Ven! Aqua! Come meet Simon and Nia!" Bobby called out to them.

The three heard Bobby and walked up to him.

"What's up Bobby?" Ven asked.

"Guys, meet Simon and Nia." He replied.

"Nice to meet you two." Terra said as he shook Simon's hand.

"Bobby's told everyone about you." Nia said to Aqua as she curtsied.

"He's told everyone he meets about us." She giggled.

"Say Simon, what's that little drill around your neck for?" Ven asked, eyeing the mini drill.

"This? This is the Core Drill that activates Lagann. It's my own personal Gunmen I use to fight the Beastmen. On its own it may look weak but combined with Gurren, which Big Bro used to use, it becomes Gurren Lagann!" Simon answered.

"Whoa...Hey do you think there's any extra Gunmen for us?" Ven then asked with excitement.

"I don't think there's really any other Gunmen for you and the others Ven," Bobby chuckled, "But if need be, we could use some of you guys as back-up pilots for some of the Gunmen."

"Sounds like a plan!" Terra said as suddenly his stomach growled. "Haha, guess my stomach's telling me its hungry."

"I could prepare some food for you and your friends if that's alright." Nia suggested.

"Really? Thanks Nia."

"Hey guys! If you're hungry, Nia's gonna cook up some food!" Bobby said to the gang.

"Food?!" The gang exclaimed as they all dashed off to the dining hall.

"Haha good thing I mentioned where the cafeteria is otherwise I think they'd be stuck looking around the Dai-Gurren for it." Yoko laughed.

"Come on guys let's go eat!" Simon said as the seven walked away while unknownst to them, a black-coated figure watched them from out on the deck.

In the cafeteria, the gang were enjoying lunch as Nia was cooking up food for everyone. To help her out, Bobby, Irina, Xion, and Riku were in the kitchen cooking. One by one, they each went out and served the gang.

"Here it is guys, hope you enjoy it!" Bobby said as he placed two platters of roast beef and ham.

"Aw yeah now we're talking!" Dante said as he started to take some of the ham.

"Wow. Those guys certainly can eat." Yoko said as she noticed Gohan, Goku, and Vegeta chowing down on the food.

"It's a Saiyan thing with them: When they get the food, they go to town on it." Terra told her.

"Hey Vegeta, you gonna finish that?" Goku asked him, eyeing his sushi.

He got no response as Vegeta was too busy eating so Goku went ahead and took it with his chopsticks. Unfortunately, Vegeta saw Goku take it.

"Kakarot! I was gonna save that for last!" Vegeta exclaimed.

"Sorry Vegeta, you should have said something." Goku told him as Vegeta took his rice ball and ate it right in front of him. "HEY! I was saving that!"

"You should have said something." Vegeta teasingly told him.

"What's the deal Vegeta?! I thought after defeating Majin Buu we'd start being friends?!" Goku exclaimed.

"Oh so friends steals their friends' food without asking if they plan on eating it?!" Vegeta shouted.

"Easy guys easy! Let's not fight over food! Here Dad you can take my rice ball and Vegeta can have some of my sushi." Gohan butted in, trying to keep the two from fighting.

Goku and Vegeta took the food and placed it close to them as they continued to eat while they stared at each other.

"Nice one Gohan. If that was Ben and Kevin, they'd start fighting right away." Gwen said to him.

"I wouldn't do that!" Ben told Gwen.

"I would." Kevin bluntly said as he got stares from some of the group. "It was a joke!"

"I gotta admit, Nia's cooking is really good!" Sora said.

"Hooray for Nia's awesome cooking!" Tylor and Tim happily exclaimed.

Just then Kittan Bachika walked into the cafeteria along with his three sisters Kinon, Kiyal, Kiyoh. All four were wearing black outifts and each one's hair color was different. Kittan had short bright blonde hair, Kinon had short brown hair, Kiyal had long black hair, and Kiyoh had long dirty blonde hair.

"Yo! Kittan!" Bobby greeted him.

"Well well looks like you did come back!" Kittan replied as he and his sisters approached Bobby. "What's up with the apron?"

"What this? I'm just helping Nia cook food for both the team and my friends." Bobby told him.

"Guess that explains the new faces we see." Kinon said as she adjusted her glasses. "A lot of new faces."

"Just like Team Dai-Gurren, my team's just as big."

"Well with team big like ours you must have come up with a name though right?" Kittan asked him.

"Actually I haven't. I never really thought about naming our group, but I'll talk with the others later and see what they say." Bobby replied.

Coming running into the cafeteria was Team Dai-Gurren's main mechanic Leeron "Ron" Littner, panting from exhaustion.

"Leeron what's up?" Bobby asked as he approached him.

"Bobby...there's a black....hooded man out on the deck. He says he needs to speak to you and your friends." Leeron explained.

"The Overtakers are attacking already?!" Cloud exclaimed as he and the gang raced out of the cafeteria.

"Come on Ron let's go!" Kim said as she yanked Ron out of his seat just as he was eating his food.

"Aw man!"

" the way..." Leeron said.

"Good to be back. Get up to the command center and stay up there." Bobby informed him.

"Got it."

Bobby raced off to join with his friends. He met up with the gang as they were ready to face off against the black hooded figure standing before them.

"Alright Overtaker! Get ready for a beat-down!" Sora exclaimed.

"Oh come now Sora, do you really think I'd still work with that fool Xehanort?" spoke the hooded man, whose voice as all to familiar too Sora.

"Wait a minute...Saix, is that you?"

The man pulled down his hood to reveal himself as Saix.

"I'd prefer it if you call me Isa." He chuckled.

Everyone had put away their weapons as Isa started to approach them.

"Is he on our side?" Simon asked.

"Well he did help us out in the Land of the Ninja." Ed replied.

"I see you're all doing well, and that you have more friends with you this time." Isa spoke.

"Yep. Man you haven't changed a bit! But uh, why are you still wearing the black coat?" Lea asked his old friend.

"I could ask you the same thing."

"I...haven't had time to find new clothes to wear."

"A lame excuse, as usual." Isa teased.

"Hey, since when have I made lame excuses?!" Lea spoke up.

"Well let's see.....ALL THE TIME."

At that moment, both Isa and Lea started laughing as they playfully punched each others' shoulders.

"Is this weird to anybody else?" Sora whispered to his friends.

"Definitely! I've never seen Saix laugh! Or even smile!" Roxas replied.

"Okay seeing how Isa isn't with the Overtakers, I suppose we can let him inside." Kittan said.

~One Hour Later: Inside the Dai-Gurren~

"So you ended up in Radiant Garden?" Terra asked Isa.

"That's correct. After I was beaten by Sora, instead of winding up in the Realm of Darkness like Lea, I ended up back in my home. It was then I started to remember the good times he and I had when we were whole and from that moment on, I aimed to make up for what I did. So I started to search for Sora and Lea and happened upon them in the Hidden Leaf Village and that's when I decided to help out." Isa explained.

"Only you didn't want to show yourself because of what happened back then." Ven said.

"Right Ven."

"Hey Isa you hungry? We still got some food left." Bobby offered, holding a plate of food.

"Actually I am."

Bobby gave Isa the plate as he started to eat.

"This is very good, thank you." Isa said.

"You're welcome." Nia replied as she curtsied.

Sometime afterward night fell across the wasteland as the Dai-Gurren halted its advance as the gang sat out on the deck, enjoying the night sky.

"Man I haven't seen the night sky like this since I was a little kid!" Goku said as he laid on his back with his hands under his head.

"For was the night before Terra and Aqua's Mark of Mastery Exam...." Bobby solemly said.

Bobby, Aqua, Ven, and Terra all hung their heads, remembering the chain of events that caused them to end up with their unfortunate fates.

"But now you guys are together again, so you can continue to share wonderful nights like this together." Nia told them as she smiled.

"Thanks Nia." Terra replied.

"Hey look there's Cancer." Mystery said, as he pointed to a constellation in the sky.

"I think I can see Sagittarius too!" Ben added.

Vegeta then got up and started walking back inside Dai-Gurren.

"What's up Vegeta?" Riku asked him.

"I'm heading to sleep early. Once I get a good night's rest I'll be up to do some training." He replied.

"I think I'll turn in too." Kevin added as he got up, stretched, and started to head inside.

Soon the rest of the gang started to head inside, except for Simon and Nia.

"We finally have some time alone to ourselves." Nia said to Simon.

"Y-Yeah we do." Simon nervously said. "We can enjoy the night sky before we go to sleep."

"Yes but there's also something I want to give you."

Nia reached into her pocket and pulled out a uniquely crafted Wayfinder.

"A Wayfinder?" Simon said with surprise.

"Just for you."

The Wayfinder had the same colors has the Dai-Gurren, and even had Team Gurren's logo in the middle.

"Bobby said that Aqua made his as something of an unbreakable connection. Not only does this represent our unbreakable friendship, this is also a thank-you gift." Nia said.

"A thank-you gift?"

"For finding me that night."

Simon suddenly blushed as he took the Wayfinder and held it in his hand. 

"....Thank you Nia." Simon smiled.

Nia then kissed Simon on the cheek as he was caught off guard and blushed brighter than before.

"Thank you Simon."

She got up and headed inside as Simon was still sitting, dumbfounded by what happened. He placed his Wayfinder in his pocket and hurried off inside.


Sora walked out to the workshop of the Dai-Gurren as he stretched his arms and yawned.

"Morning Sora!"

Sora turned to see a young man with slightly long black hair pulled back in a pony tail with a bang on the right side of his face working on Gurren. He had on loose white-blue pants tucked into tan boots and a white poncho/cloak with a high collar and two rectangular blue markings on the left side. The young man jumped down from the Gunmen as he approached Sora.

"Hey you're...Rossiu right?" Sora spoke.

"Yeah. Sorry that we had just met late last night, I was busy working up in the command center when you came here with Bobby."

"It's okay. So what were you doing with the Gurren?"

"I was just doing a check up on it. I'm also its operator since Kamina died." Rossiu told Sora.

"Oh...wait! Simon operates Lagaan, and you operate Gurren and Simon said they're stronger when together so does that mean you and Simon control Gurren Lagaan?"

"That's correct."

"Wow! Sounds like a lot of work for two people to work a Gunmen." Sora said.

"It is but I've managed to get used to it."

"Yo Sora!"

Sora turned around and saw Tidus with Zack and Snow approaching him.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Sora asked.

"We just came from the cafeteria, finished up with breakfast. You might wanna hurry if you want some food." Zack told him.

And with that, Sora dashed off, leaving a trail of smoke behind him.

"Guess Sora's really hungry." Rossiu laughed.

Inside the cafeteria all the members of Team Gurren and the Heroes of Light were all sitting down and eating. Nia was working fast in the kitchen as she got the food ready and got Bobby and Hope serving it.

"Wow, I'm surprise Nia's able to cook this much at once." Gwen said as she ate.

"I know, it's like she's an unstoppable cooking machine or something!" Alex added.

"Hey Nia! Do you need some help in the kitchen?" Rush called to her.

"No thank you! I'm fine!" She replied.

"Alex's right, she is an unstoppable cooking machine!" Cyborg proclaimed.

"Yeah, and considering she's able to make meat-free food for me, she's the most awesome cook ever!" Beast Boy added as he chowed down on his Tofu.

Bobby came by Riku's table as he gave Sora his plate.

"You're lucky you got in here when you did Sora, it's a madhouse!" Bobby told him.

"Eggs and bacon huh?" Riku said as he eyed Sora's plate.

"Yep, and no you can't have any!" Sora teased as he started to eat.

Meanwhile out in the wasteland as the Dai-Gurren is walking through, it is suddenly hit by a bolt of electricity as it started to shake, causing the inside to be like an earthquake.

"W-W-W-What's going on?!" Ven exclaimed as he tried to keep his balance.

"Yoko, Simon, Bobby! The Dai-Gurren's being attacked!" Leeron spoke through the intercom. "You and the others have to hurry out onto the deck to see what's going on!"

"We're on it!" Bobby said as he raced out.

"Aw not again!" Ron complained as he was yanked away from his food again by Kim.

Everyone hurried out to the deck, weapons at hand to find out who was attacking.

"Are the Beastmen attacking already?" Simon said.

"No Beastmen." Lea said as he looked at where the Dai-Gurren was attacked. "Isa, come take a look at this."

Isa looked a little below from where he was standing and noticed a scorch mark.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" Lea asked Isa.

"Unfortunately, yes. We've got trouble everyone."

"What kind of trouble...?" Chokei nervously asked.

"One that's quite a shock!"

Suddenly, Larxene bolts out from the Corridor of Darkness as she runs toward Nia but Bobby was able to get in-between them.

"Not so fast Larxene! You want Nia, face us!" Bobby told her.

"Bobby...." Aqua sternly said, knowing what Bobby said to Larxene.

"I know what you're gonna say, but I just found out once Larxene started going after Nia: She's a Princess of Heart!"

"Called it!" Shea blurted out.

"Shea, you didn't know either. I swear, sometimes you can be such an idiot." Mystery said, as something set off in Shea. "Uh Shea, you okay? You twitched a little."

"Huh? Oh I'm fine James! Just an itch that just popped out of nowhere!"

"Yeah....anyway, let's get going and deal with Larxene already!"

"Hate to disappoint you army boy, but I don't deal with weaklings like you." Larxene taunted Mystery.


"Calm yourself Mystery, that's what Larxene wants out of you." Isa cautioned him. "As Bobby said Arlene, if you seek to take Nia, then you must get through us!"

"Fine then, and I'm going to enjoy this, especially dealing with a traitor like you!"

"I was never apart of Xehanort's new group to begin with!" Isa exclaimed as he summoned his Lunatic Claymore.

Larxene summoned her Foudre knives and created an electric barrier at the entryway to inside the Dai-Gurren.

"Son of a-! Simon can't fight without Gurren Lagaan!" Kittan exclaimed.

"But as long as Bobby's with him, Simon's fine right?" Rossiu assured him.

"I...guess so."

"Let's do this!" Larxene said.

[Guardians of Destiny Soundtrack: 13th Struggle (Re:CoM)]

Lea charged forward and swung his chakrams at Larxene, but she dodged them and tossed one of her knives at Lea but he dodged it as well.

"Not bad." She said.

"You ain't seen nothing yet!"

"Goku!" Bobby called out.

"Time to finish this!" Goku replied as the two unleashed their Limit, Saiyan Strike.

First, Bobby unleashed a barrage of punches as Goku did the same and finished with a kick. Next the two powered up to Super Saiyan as Goku used his Meteor Smash technique with Bobby following up with a High Power Rush techinque.

"You're gone!"

"Now I'm angry!"

The Limit ended with Goku and Bobby unleashed their Angry Kamehameha and Super Galick Gun at Larxene from afar. However, before being hit by the beams, Larxene created a Thunder Shield to protect her.

"No way! She wasn't fazed at all!" Goku exclaimed with shock.

"Hmph!" Larxene said as she dashed towards Bobby and Goku.

"Not so fast!" Four-Arms Ben spoke as he used one of his arms to grab her leg and slammed her onto the deck.

"You're getting on my nerves!" She exclaimed as she created an electric shockwave that hit Ben and those that were nearby.

"Geh!" Gohan groaned.

Isa, who wasn't affected by the shockwave, rushed towards Larxene and swung his Claymore, hitting her.

"Why you!"

Larxene swung her left leg at Isa, but he deflected it with his weapon. Soon the two were caught in a Brawling Clash.

"Man, Isa and Larxene are neck and neck huh?" Ventus said to the gang.

"Yeah and considering that both of their power levels are close, who know what'll happen?" Bobby replied.

Seeing that none of her attacks were making their mark with Isa, Larxene grew furious.

"That's IT! I'm done with this nonsense!" She yelled.

Sparks of electricity began to surge around her body.

"I don't like what's about to happen...." Sora worriedly said.

Letting out a scream, Larxene called down a massive thunder storm that did some serious damage to the gang, not only that but it also caused most of the gang to be knocked right off of the Dai-Gurren, leaving only Bobby, Simon, Nia, Sora, and Aqua the only ones left.

"Guys! Dammit someone deal with this barrier already!" Kittan demanded.

"We're trying but nothing's working!" Kiyoh told him, swinging a wrench at the barrier, only to have it get charred.

Dammit, there's nothing we can do at this point. Let's just hope that Bobby and Simon can get rid of this bitch.

All but Nia were able to get back on their feet as they readied themselves for Round 2.

"I'll admit I'm surprised you guys are still able to stand after that, but it doesn't matter." Larxene said as she started walking towards Nia.

"Back off! Stay away from Nia!" Simon said standing in-front of Nia, having his arms out and acting like a shield for her.

"Hahaha! You think you can protect your little girlfriend? How can you protect her when you couldn't even protect your 'bro'!"

"How dare you say that about Kamina! Simon and I both knew there was nothing we could do to avoid what happened! But we're both gonna protect Nia!" Bobby shouted as he charged towards Larxene, but was round-house kicked right off of the giant Gunmen.

"Bobby!" Sora exclaimed.

Luckily, Bobby was holding on to the edge as he dangled.

"You gonna come down or climb up to the fight?" Genesis told him.

"Nah, I thought I'd just hang around for a little bit." Bobby sarcastically said. "OF COURSE I'm gonna get back up into the fight, I don't see you doing the same!"


Bobby climbed back up to see Sora and Aqua holding their own against Larxene as Simon and Nia moved away from the fight.

"You two alright?" Bobby asked.

"We're fine but I think Sora and Aqua may need your help!" Nia told him.

"On it."

Bobby powered up to Super Saiyan and dashed towards Larxene.

"Miss me?" He taunted.

With her knives in hand, Larxene swung her arm at Bobby as he quickly dodged back, but got his chest scratched in the process.

"It's nothing! We have to focus on Larxene!" Bobby informed Aqua and Sora.

"I'm done with this!" Larxene exclaimed as she suddenly disappeared, surprising the three Keyblade wielders.

"Where'd she-?" Aqua spoke.


The three quickly turned around to see Larxene holding Nia by her hair as she cried in pain with Simon being knocked unconscious.

"YOU LEAVE HER ALONE!" Bobby yelled as he, Sora, and Aqua rushed to save Nia, but were only knocked back by Larxene's kick.

"Put her down you bitch!" Kittan demanded.

"Or what? In case you've forgotten you can't get through that barrier so don't even bother trying to-"

Larxene was caught off-guard by a sucker-punch from Simon, who was now enraged.

"You annoying little--! I'm gonna make you regret doing that!" She exclaimed.

"I'm gonna make you regret every laying a hand on Nia! Who the hell do you think you are coming here, attacking my friends, threatening Nia's safety, and worse, insulting my Big Bro!" Simon said, full of anger as he took his Core Drill and used it to shatter the barrier.

"What the?! How can that little trinket be able to do that?!"

"Simple: It's because that little baby is magic!" Kittan said as he and the rest of Team Gurren gathered around Simon, holding whatever they picked up to use as weapons, with Kittan holding Kamina's katana.

"Kittan, let me have that." Simon told him.

"But Simon--"

"Let me have it!"

"O-okay..." Kittan said, surprised with Simon's current demeanor.

Simon started to approach Larxene, holding Kamina's katana.

"I may not be a Super Saiyan, or a Keyblade wielder, but I can still protect what matters!" Simon said to Larxene. "If you want Nia then you'll need to get through me. You can beat me up, call me names, kill me, it doesn't matter as long as I fight for both her and my friends! But if you think I'm gonna let you get away with this any longer, then WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?!"

A sudden flash of light began to radiate from Simon's blade as everyone was blinded by the flash of light. The light dispersed and a Keyblade appeared in Simon's hand. The katana Kamina had once used was transformed: Having a similar shape to Bobby's Keyblade, with the teeth in a similar fashion as Riku's, but having the Core Drill as his Keychain and the color scheme matching that of Team Gurren. The Keyblade's name was Heaven Piercer.

"Whoa!" Simon said with awe.

"Damn that's a badass blade!" Kittan complimented.

"How...How were you able to wield a Keyblade?!" Larxene exclaimed with a little bit of fright.

"It's because of Simon's heart." Bobby told her as he, Sora, and Aqua started to approach Larxene. "His desire to protect his loved ones is what makes his heart strong!"

"And by also honoring his friend's memory, it's made Simon stronger than he was before!" Sora added.

"And you're gonna see it, RIGHT NOW!" Simon shouted as he swung his Keyblade at the Overtaker.

Larxene was hit as she stumbled backwards as Simon rushed onward. With each swing of Simon's Keyblade, Larxene could only dodge the strikes.

I don't get it! How did he suddenly get so good after getting the Keyblade?! It doesn't make sense! She thought to herself.

Soon Larxene was able to block one of Simon's strikes as she as able to jump back away.

"It's obvious that I can't win this fight, so I'm calling it a day but the next time we meet I won't be so nice!" She said as she fled through the Corridor of Darkness.

"Nice? When was she ever nice?!" Sora exclaimed.

"You guys alright?" Snow asked as he and the rest of the gang got back up on the Dai-Gurren.

"We're fine now, thanks to Simon!" Kittan said as he patted Simon's back. "With his new blade, he was able to send that Larxene packing!"

"Nice!" Kevin boasted.

"Congratulations Simon!" Yugi added.

"Thanks guys." Simon replied.

The gang took this time to relax inside the Dai-Gurren after the battle, with Bobby explaining to Simon and Nia of what would happen next.

"Because I have the Keyblade, I'm able to travel with you guys to fight against the Overtakers?" Simon said.

"Pretty much but...I think it's best if you and Nia stay here." Bobby told him.

"Wha?" Steve said, confused.

"Why do you say that Bobby?" Ichigo asked him.

"Because Team Gurren needs Simon, because he's the only one who can pilot Gurren Lagaan. Not only that, but even if Nia's safe at Disney Castle, he'd still be too occupied worrying about her. I think this time, we let a Keybearer stay in his world so that he can finish things here. But promise me, once the Spiral King is defeated, will you be able to help us out?"

Simon held out his fist as he and Bobby fist-bumped.

"I promise I'll try!" Simon said with a smile.

At that moment, the Core Drill began to shine as it floated up to the ceiling as it came off of Simon's neck.

"What's going on?" Yoko asked.

"The Core Drill's showing us the Keyhole. Simon, would you take the honor?" Bobby said.

"The honor of what?" A confused Simon asked.

"Of sealing the Keyhole." Terra told him.


Holding his Keyblade with both hands, Simon pointed it towards the Keyhole as his Keyblade shot out a small beam towards it, as a locking sound could be heard. Once that was done, the Core Drill fell back down to Simon's hand.

"Well with that done, it's time for us to go." Vegeta announced.

"Don't be strangers!" Ron told them.

"Take care guys!" Xion waved to Team Gurren as the heroes were beamed up to their ships.

The gang was relaxing as the ships flew through the Lanes Between. With Aqua piloting, Bobby sat near the computer as he stared at it in thought.

"Hey Bobby, you alright? You keep staring at the computer like it's gonna talk to you or something." Masane asked the young Keyblade Master.

"I'm just thinking." He replied.

"About what?" Dante asked.

"A name for our team. The other day Kittan asked me if we had a name for our team like Simon's. That's when I realized that ever since we first banded together, we didn't have a name for our team." Bobby explained.

"Bobby's right. We need to think of a name!" Sora said.

"How about the Galactic Heroes?" Ben suggested.

"Nah, sounds lame." Joey said. "Why not the Keysmiths?"

"Also lame." Alucard bluntly told him.

"The Windrose Knights?" Mystery spoke up.

Soon everyone stared at Mystery with realization.

"You know...that's a pretty cool name." Rush said.

"Yeah James, how'd you come with it?" Sere asked.

"Don't know, it just popped in my head and for some reason, it made sense." Mystery replied.

"Me too," Bobby said, "I think we should go with that. Any objections?"

"Nope." Everyone replied.

"Guys?" Bobby asked the Titans through the com unit.

"It sounds like a badass name for a badass team!" Cyborg happily exclaimed. "Go with it!"

"I think it's an awesome heroic team name!" Snow added through the Rouge's communications.

"Then it's official: We are now the Windrose Knights!" Bobby said to everyone as they cheered.

Meanwhile, in a world with a sort of gloomy sky, a young high schooler by the name of Tsukune Aono was making his way to his dorm after a long day of school at Yokai Academy. He had short black hair, wearing the male school uniform which consisted of a green jacket with a white shirt underneath with brown pants, and black shoes. He was carrying his school bag over his shoulder when he suddenly heard someone calling out to him.

"Tsukune! Hey Tsukune!"

He turned around to see all of his closest friends: Moka Akashiya (the first person he met who happens to be a vampire), Kurumu Kurono (a succubus who competes with Moka for Tsukune's love), Mizore Shirayuki (a snowwoman who, like Moka and Kurumu, competes for Tsukune's attention), Yukari Sendo (a very young, but smart witch), Ginei Morioka (a werewolf and male of the group who runs the school's newspaper club), and Ruby Tojo (a witch like Yukari but older).

"Hey Tsukune, did you forget we were gonna hang out for bit once classes were done?" Kurumu said.

"Oh yeah, I guess I forgot." Tsukune replied as he laughed, scratching the back of his head.

He ran up to his friends as Moka gave him a kiss on the cheek, sparking a bit of jealousy from Kurumu, Mizore, and Yukari.

"So guys, where we going?" Tsukune asked his friends.

"Well I was thinking we could take a nice swim in the school's pool." Kurumu suggested, flirting with Tsukune.

"I think we should get some ice cream!" Mizore butted in, grabbing Tsukune's arm.

"Uh wait you guys!" Tsukune exclaimed.

"I think we should go swimming!" Kurumu shouted, grabbing Tsukune's other arm.

"Ice cream!"




Oh man, here we go again.....Tsukune thought to himself as he and his friends walked off while unknownst to them, a figure watched them from above on the roof of the school.

"I'm happy to know you've made some great friends here little sister, but I fear that an ominous storm is approaching, one I may fear will change life as we know it."
Yes I know, "About damn time you got this done!" Well I was stuck in a slump sort to speak but I managed to get this done so be happy about that XP

So the gang arrives in the Land of the Beastmen and also encounters Saix, aka Isa, and explains what happened to him after his battle with Sora. Not only that but Larxene shows up and makes things difficult for our heroes, but Nia is threatened Simon gains the power of the Keyblade and is able to fend back Larxene as the heroes seal the Keyhole and move on.

Rosario Vampire is the next anime/manga to make its appearance in the story and being the final chapter of Guardians of Destiny but NOT the final chapter of the Musketeer Saga. Also :iconroza-akashiya:'s OC, Roza, makes a guest appearance at the end of the chapter.

So what does this ominous storm that Roza senses mean? One way to find out is the read the final chapter of GoD! Enjoy guys!
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